Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lots of work on the Atlanta front

We are hard at work these days. I have been travelling a good bit: twice to Red Bay, AL, twice to Winston-Salem, NC and once to Bloomington, IN. Each trip was a good bit different and although each of these towns is quite a bit different from the city of Atlanta, I am glad I got to visit and get to know parts of the US I would probably not have seen otherwise.

Red Bay has a small town charm, the people I met there were simply great and very hospitable. Winston-Salem had the best food, the people were also very friendly and just plain helpful, here I also got to spend some time with a different team from my company and got to know a little bit of what they do and how we can help each other. Finally, Bloomington was quite pretty. Again, the people here were very hospitable and the town felt like it had all the great food of the city with the looks of the country.

All this travelling always leaves a lot of work sitting at the office and so I spend most of the non-travelling time trying to clean my plate to ready ourselves for our trip to Europe (used to be trip to Rome, but that is a different story). My mom is in town with my baby sister and that is a lot of fun. I will write more on that later though.

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