Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mom is in town... Hooray!

We have been eating well. Sometimes she has cooked and others we have gone out. Regardless, we have eaten well. My babysister has tried tons of new food and everything new she tries she says it is her favorite. I am very impressed by the way she tries new food even without being expected to. She is not a picky eater like I thought. Maybe is the novelty. We took her to eat chocolate fondue and her face was worth $1,000,000.

Yesterday they went on an expedition to the Atlanta Zoo. They took MARTA and it took them about 1.5-2hrs to reach the Zoo. We later went to the laser show at Stone Mountain (if you haven't been in a year or so, you would find that there are some brand new cartoons).

This experience of trying to entertain them during the day without having to be with them has made me realize that there is no good central place were Atlanta tourists can find a list of attractions with attraction reviews and such, geared for the "family visitor" to our great city. And even if there are some guide books and such, it wasn't until they came back and told me so that I knew for example that all Zoo animals seemed to be sleeping in the afternoon or that the MARTA bus takes 30 minutes to come back. And even if that information is available, our great city changes so fast that it is hard to keep up. And even if there is really all that, I am in any case going to start a set of posts with Atlanta attractions, information about them and reviews based on theirs and my experiences. So stay tuned. Also stay tuned for our vacation review.

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