Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool's Traditional Non-Joke

In true Jamil & Patricia blog tradition, here are some news about our lives that are both true and unbelievable enough to seem like an April Fool's joke:

1. Of course, our Christmas Tree is still up.
2. Our house was flooded in January of 2010 (January 6 or something like that), and it is still in full blown disarray.
3. Our taxes are nowhere near filed.
4. I am sure the Census lady will be in our tracks today at 4pm as we have not sent our Census 2010 out... and this has nothing to do with my inability as a Hispanic woman to identify myself with any of the races listed.... I am inclined to mark them all at this point.
5. We have 2 dogs staying at our house, only one of which is ours.
6. My hair is partially blue and will hopefully get bluer in a few days.
7. I am going to Shanghai again at the end of April... Beijing as a follow-up... and Jamil might actually get PTO to come along!
8. 20lbs stand between me and skydiving... that is a moderate sized carry-on bag... bring on the oatmeal.

A few closing statements... I love the Census... I am infatuated with it.... In fact, I jumped up and down with excitement watching a friend fill hers out. I read every word... and yes I know they repeat some of it 8 times but it is my census and I read it if I want to. Dear Census lady, try finding us at work instead since that's where Jamil lives most of the time. I am also fond of my Tax return... which might be a tax bill if the current government had a say... but I guess one can only dream.