Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wow! It's a wrap!


I took a job at a company I have been looking at for a very long time sometime in the Fall of 2008. I even wrote about it on this blog. I loved this company beyond what I expected. They have solid leadership at the top, the people have a true team spirit and whether it is true or rehearsed, the company tries to convey a commitment to not compromise long term gain even through a tough economy. I'm a believer.

My last day there is Friday. I still cannot believe it.

My stay there has been nothing short of awesome. The increased personal time yielded by a decrease in travel and more regular work hours have allowed me to do some growing and thinking and learning that I never expected. Also unexpected is the unbelievable people I have met. I initially was unimpressed by their less cutthroat approach to career I encountered, but have been blown away by their approach toward life. I want to focus on 4 people in particular (no names) whom I have met while working (but who are not necessarily a part of my team) and who have left an imprint.

IN LOVE. He worked halfway across the globe from me in the old world. Despite of tough experiences in his life, he has found the love of his life. I have had the chance to witness the tail end of his saga to marry his bride and listened to him talk about all the troubles this has taken and about how in love he is. He makes me believe that true love and romance are not dead. I wish God to bless his quest and grant the pursued goal and beyond that, may He bless his marriage and relationship for many years to come.

IN PURSUIT. Extremely responsible with duties at work. Amazingly helpful. So straight-laced that I have only recently learned what an amazing (beyond just good and helpful) individual this person is. Full of dreams and aspirations and fearless to pursue them even with a family to care for. This person gives me hope that we don't all kill our inner children and our dreams when we reach a certain age and reminds me that it is worth pursuing my own dreams even if they seem silly at times. Also, that working does not have to happen in exclusion of doing so. I pray that God use this person for His glory.

IN YOUTH. Oh, to see life through this person's eyes. I have discussed many concepts: sushi, kidding, love, kissing... Some of the most enjoyable late night conversations (and I mean 2 or 3am) in the last 9 months have taken place with this person. Brilliant self-assurance, amazing passion for doing a good job, commitment to friends and life. This person reminds me that not everything I know of is worth pursuing and some of the less coveted things are best guarded. I pray that God reveal Himself in this person's life and keep their mind pure and innocent and allow them to be pleasantly surprised some day by all the experiences we have discussed.

IN AWE. I could write a book about this person but the impact this person has had in my life is so deep that I doubt it would make much sense to anyone else. For this person's benefit (if they ever run into this blog)... Crazy strong and courageous. Amazingly smart and clever. Absolutely helpful and kind. Their being exudes greatness. This person gives me hope that kindness and honesty and true friendship are not all dead practices. My truest desire is for God to pour blessings in this person's life, overflow their cup and grant the deepest desires of this precious heart and make His will in this life perfectly clear because this much talent cannot be wasted.

Maybe I am leaving a company full of amazing people (the 4 above are just examples)... I am kind of hoping that more than just finding a small sample of good, I have just gained new eyes to see the world around me instead. The new journey will be different, but I am hoping to not forget the lessons learned and I am hoping to continue to grow in this amazing way.


Friday, June 12, 2009

A Friday morning in our household...

Ok, this is an honest to goodness re-telling of this morning's events.

I walk into the bathroom half asleep and Jamil is trimming his beard (he grew one the week he was sick and has ignored my jabs to shave it off). He was wearing a shirt the same color as mine and I asked him to go change it. He said he got dressed first so I should change mine. I told him I couldn't cause he hadn't done my Puerto Rico laundry. So here is what ensured.

Me: It makes you look pale, so change it.
Jamil: I am not pale.
Me: Yes you are, in fact in the years since we have been married, you have grown almost white. Actually, we are going out in the sun again, to reclaim the Florida/PR color.
Jamil: No I'm not.
Me: Yes, you are. You are way pale. I am married to the most American Indian in the world, don't want to be married to the whitest too!
Jamil: Maybe it is because you are really a vampire and suck my blood when I am not watching so I am growing pale. (said with a straight face, no laughter, no nothing).
Me: Oh, really? I'm surprised you wouldn't have noticed.
Jamil (matter of factly, still very serious): What? Can you think of a better explanation?

I had to leave for work, but if he is wearing a yellow polo shirt today and you see him, please pinch him for me?