Friday, June 27, 2008

Thirteen Things in my mind that I should not be typing

So, there is this whole list 13 things thing that Hollie, who we entrust with keeping our pastor sane or at least grounded, started.

I am calling it 13 Things in my mind that I do not have time to type, because I need to be doing a million other things right now:

1. Why oh why am I wasting my time like this?
2. How do I get to doing what I need to do?
3. How long has it been since i last posted on this blog?
4. Oh Crap, the Christmas Tree is still up!!
5. I hope Jamil can get rid of it tonight.
6. Mambo has been awefully quiet all morning... must be all that jumping on me to get me up that tired him out.
7. My baby sister can't wait to see me, I know cause she never calls and has called every day this week.
8. I need to take a shower.
9. I also need to finish 32 hours of work in about 6 hours that are left in the day.
10. I was a whole 60lbs thinner when I graduated High School.
11. 60 lbs is like a very heavy, very full, full-size suitcase--yikes!
12. How can I hide my double-chin from the ever critical HS reunion folk.
13. I probably can't and it will get forever plastered on the pages of impossible-to-leave facebook.

I am soooooooooooo stressed out.... God please help me finish everything I need to finish in a miraculuous short time. I guess that requires me to start so, we sign off.

No one ever reads this, but if you just did, write your 13 on your blog and leave me a comment so I can procrastinate some more.