Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Obligatory Christmas Tree post on April Fool's

So, for those who have been watching, somehow it has become tradition around this blog to post regarding our usually present and somewhat green Christmas Tree.  

This year is no exception, except for one thing.  This past Christmas, we went down to Puerto Rico for the holidays.  Having just gotten rid of 2007-2008 season tree right before Thanksgiving, I figured it made no sense to acquire a tree since we would not be home.  So, we have no pictures of the 2008-2009 tree, because there wasn't one.

However, here is a picture of the 2006-2007 tree standing in our backyard.  Yeah, that year we just planted it in the back as a solution to keep the HOA letters from filling our mailbox.  It is no longer green, or even orange.  Its youthful colors are a thing of the past as are its branches.  BUT, it stands beautifully in testament to our first ever Christmas Tree in our house:

Usually, I also have to make some statement about how, even though this is a post done on April Fool's it is not an actual April Fool's joke. But, this is neither my house nor my tree. Both our defunct trees Rest In Pieces (yes, I meant Piece not Peace) somewhere in a dumpster after being manually shredded to bits sometime in April or November.

All that said, the following related posts from our blog's past are not jokes:

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Incidentally also NOT an April Fool's joke is that we have lost the pictures of the 2006-2007 tree in Jamil's hard drive crash.