Thursday, November 06, 2008

From Twilight to Eclipse (Thursday 13)

So, we haven't posted much lately. I am not really sure why because I have thought about it a bunch.

No Spoilers here if you have read through half of book 2.
I have been reading the stupid Twilight Series. I hate so much that I am unable to put the stupid books down!! I am halfway through Eclipse. I was super enchanted with Edward in book 1 and super mad at him in book 2. The I fell in love with Jacob and cannot understand why Bella would prefer Edward. Perfection should wear out at some point. Besides, there is only so much one should be able to glare without going cock-eyed, smell someone's breath without sending them to brush their teeth and wouldn't you rather cuddle with a pillow than a wall or be embraced in warm arms than cold ones? I guess it must be the whole rebellious teenager bit.

Then, there is the election. I do not like to discuss politics in an open forum like this. I think my political ideologies should be private. However, there is one question that I wonder:
Regardless of who you support, being that Obama ran on a platform of change there should be one question on everyone's minds will this be Twilight to Eclipse or Twilight to Dawn? This is a valid question wherever you stand because with big risks come big accomplishments or big failures.

Whoever you are:
1. Be conservative with money, lending and committments
2. Be conservative with energy.
3. This Christmas, shop for items that will provide entertainment for long periods so as to avoid spending on outings (board games, bicycles, etc).
4. Do the best job you can for your employer whether you think you are doomed for unemployment for life or whether you think you are indispensable, the whole economy will benefit from steady workers and God looks gladly on this committment.
5. Above all, be honest, resist temptation.
6. Enjoy your family and help others in need to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy their family as well.
7. Cherish the elderly, learn from their advice, bring joy to them any way you can.
8. Start a diet, no better time to eat less than now when the food is so expensive.
9. Exercise, it costs nothing to do a few push-ups and sit-ups and it will save energy from a TV that is off, money from entertainment you did not pay for and give you better sleep.
10. Listen to the kids. They usually have insight we do not, they see the world through oh so very simple eyes and oh so very calm places.
11. Wash your hands, do it often please... I do not want to catch a bad cold and I refuse to get vaccinated against the flu.
12. Root for Georgia Tech... especially if you are a Dawg. Ok, if you are outside of Georgia, root for a team where their athletes are more than race horses but are actually being challenged and working toward being productive in the future... like Georgia Tech.
13. Above all, praise God. Take this opportunity when you either have no President to defend (if you didn't vote for Obama) or where you have no candidate to sell (since your vote elected Obama) and get closer to God.

Happy day before Friday!