Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Athletics, Mets, Cardinals, Tigers, Washington, Adams, Jefferson...

We have been playing trivia for the past few weeks and it has been lots of fun!! There is, of course, the many obscure, random and maybe even inappropriate questions. A few amazing questions that we have somehow managed to guess correctly:
1. The sitcom movie the 40-year old virgin is handed along with a box of porn to resolve his problem (Answer: Everybody Loves Raymond, Thanks to Paul).
2. The artist that proposed to talk show host Rolonda Watts in 1997. I don't know anyone who has heard of this Rolonda Watts show... (Answer: James Brown, Wild guess by Sarah and Allison).
3. The president one of the guys in Fight Club would like to take down/fight.. (Answer: Lincoln, Great guess by Gaines, Aaron and Paul based on a small hint in the exact quote that made an allusion to the fact that this president is really big... I am impressed, I did now know anything about Lincoln other than he wore a hat and a beard. For a while I thought he was contemporary with Martin Luther King and even confused the two).
4. The Bavarian doctor that in ___year did lots of research on the cerebral cortex (Answer: Alzheimer)

Then there is the, we are geeks and know what things actually should be called or look like rather than what books say:
1. When exposed to a base, litmus paper turns what color (Our Answer: Pink, expected answer Red. Every book in the world says red, but it is not freaking red, it is pink, get it right!).

And then the misses we should know:
1. The one actor from LOTR that got nominated for an Oscar (Half of us believed: The guy that plays Gandalf, the other half: The golem guy.. aparently Golem was a guy). We answered Golem, and of course it was the Gandalf guy.
2. Where some former Braves played (I tried to answer this and failed to guess ANY of them). We only live in the city owned by Turner.

In general lots of fun. Lots of learning too. I am now off to go home to get ready for the next go at it tonight, hopefully we can improve our performance.

Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jetson, Flintstone, Huxtable, Turner, Jackson, Missipi, Maine,...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Not everything is as it seems

This is a cool example of how perspective can affect what you see if you are standing in the right place:
Right Place
Wrong Place

For those that think the earth is round, you should see what it could look like if it was really flat and our satellites just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

This is wayyy cool!!! I say we try it out!! Any takers? We need someone that can draw and someone that knows how to do sidewalk chalk and someone that knows about perspective... because as for us, 3-D effects come in PCI and AGP flavors.