Thursday, March 02, 2006

My leg of the musical baton race

I am now back from my civil rights trip (mental trip) and away from the world of seriousness. Life is pretty good. The math competition is this Saturday (we'll be on campus to help) and I am pretty excited and very eagerly hoping this year's volunteer T-shirts are tye-dyes again. Otherwise I think I will try to talk Alan into tye dyeing ours on Friday night. Which reminds me that Alan and Ashley will be in town (pretty cool).

In other news, Chandra tried to talk me into running (those who know me should not freak out, she didn't mean one foot in front of the other) the music baton race. Here is my leg (those who know me should know I am too attached to my leg to really let go off of it) of the race.

Amount of music on your computer?
Judging from the amount on my ipod (the best Valentine's ever), not much but certainly lots more than I thought I did, say 4 or 5 GB.

Currently listening to?
Besides the little voices that only talk to me? Just kidding, no little voices talk to me. As it turns out, I have become quite addicted to audio books and although I just put my music down I was listening to 1984 just now, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (sp?) was playing in the car this morning.

Five songs that mean a lot to you?
1. Amazed (Jamil and I's song, by circumstance if you ask him, although I like it regardless), 2. Bombero (Facundo Cabral and Alberto Cortez really put the existentialist questions of everyday's growing pains plain and simple), 3. Don't let me get me (Pink is way cool no matter how much of a weirdo she might be), 4. Ventricle (you gotta check out Ponies in the Surf, although I am not sure I like their full-length album as much as the others), 5. Anything by Ricardo Montaner (He just knows how to capture the moment). Since Chandra cheated by using an extra pick that is a hymn, I must be allowed to do the same: In The Garden.

Top five albums?
I don't usually like albums as a whole there is usually about 4 songs I like on each. If I had to say, I would have to go by the albums I can actually sit down and listen mostly through and through: 1. Wors Sound & Power (Christafari), 2. Ponies on Fire (Ponies in the Surf), 3. Donde estan los ladrones (Shakira), 4. Tributo a los Beattles (Various), 5. Lo Cortez no quita lo Cabral (Facundo Cabral y Alberto Cortez).

Last album bought?
The 4 album's Eric Peters brought to the concert at the church.

I guess I can pass the baton on to my dear husband who is ever so absent from the blogging world. Oh, maybe I'll pass it on to Kennan, unless Gaines and Allison already tagged him.

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