Friday, December 19, 2008

What's up?

Someone brought to my attention an old post in the blog. Then I realized we haven't posted in a while.

All is well. New job is good, Christmas tree is gone and we get to spend Christmas in PR.

God has been teaching me some lessons lately:
1. HE is in control and not me, I should not worry.--My new company laid off 150 people, 2 from my team, about 3 weeks into my new job. Somehow I was spared. One of the reasons I wanted to change jobs is the many lay-offs in the previous company.
2. I should obey when he speaks--We had a wonderful Thanksgiving lunch with friends from many places. We did this in obedience (I hate to cook). I am not one to over-Godify everyday life, but maybe I should.
3. New people--I have had the opportunity to make new acquaintances at the new job. it was hard in the beginning. I was so used to moving in the road-warrior consultant world where everyone is equally outgoing and equally willing to meet new people (especially when it meant dinner is not eaten alone), that I had forgotten how the whole thing worked in the real world. I am re-learning and patiently waiting for Him to use these "new" bits for His glory.
4. Music--God has a plan for it all and I need to be diligent with my part.
5. Mysterious and Magnificent--God works in mysterious ways, at mysterious times, by mysterious circumstances and through mysterious people. I am overwhelmed by this truth. My cup is overflowing with his blessings. My mind is amazed by His power. My heart is glad. These ways, circumstances and especially these people, I am convinced, are God's way of lending us a taste of heaven here on earth.

Will hopefully update closer to year end with some resolutions.

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