Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thirteen Things This Thursday

1. I can't believe how fast everything has happened.
2. I can't believe I have accepted a job.
3. I can't believe I gave my 2 weeks notice.
4. I must be nuts!
5. No more working from home.
6. No more travelling to cool places.
7. Ok, maybe I will still get to travel some.
8. I hate the unknowns.
9. I am the queen of What If's.
10. I can't believe I am leaving the job that was my dream job not too long ago.
11. I hope the new job is all it is cracked up to be.
12. I am excited that I get to see my family soon.
13. So much to do at the old job, for the new job and even to go see my family.

I read that stress can take as much as 7 years away from your life expectancy. I feel like I am under constant stress. I am not even sure stress for what or about what. So, there it is... I am really leaving this time, I try not to think about it to try to increase my life expectancy.

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