Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Upside down verbose realization

I was looking through some of my friends blogs and then I went back to ours. We don't post half as often, Jamil barely even posts... but man our (my) posts are long. I apologize.

Jamil and I are right now in the process of cooking Kawa Sak (sp?) basically stew beef in a tomato onion base. Jamil's family is coming tonight for dinner. The publix near us has bad produce. The onions were the size of small lemons and the tomatoes were not ripe. Nobody has ever died after we have cooked Kawa Sak. Our toilet sometimes suffers after a nice Kawa Sak meal. We have enough atomizers to fix this.

Jamil's niece and nephew are also coming. They are precious, but I wonder what they'll do. When they have been at other people's places, they play with the ornaments on the tables, but we have no ornaments... makes me wonder if they will try to climb the walls instead.

Talking about ornaments, I just realized that I lied in the previous sentence. Jamil's mom graciously sent some Christmas ornaments direct from QVC and HSN. Optical Fiber grandeur.

I hear QVC or HSN now sell upside down Christmas trees of the expensive kind. I can't believe anyone would pay more money for one of those than for a normal tree. If something like that sells that well being turned upside down, I wonder what I can turn upside down myself and make a profit: upside down TV, upside down lamps, upside down chimneys.... the possibilities are endless.

I don't really like being upside down, unless it is temporary while riding a rollercoaster.

I don't like cooking and I don't like ornaments and I don't like Jewelry and I don't like make-up. I am thankful that I can cook and that people (Jamil's mom mostly) think about giving me ornaments and Jewelry, I am very unthankful about the existence of make-up. There is also no love for upside-down trees, laughs and giggles maybe, but no love.

I am hoping to wake up really early on Friday morning for shopping madness. Then roll over, realize I don't need to save those $10 or $20 that bad after all and sleep until 4P.M.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We came home around midnight after Thanksgiving dinner and the store we planned on visiting at the crack of dawn had what we needed at the right price online. We slept in, hung out with Alan and Ashley and spent all afternoon doing what we like to do the most: nothing.


Patricia said...

I just realized, if the tree is upside down wouldn't people then be upskirting the angel at the top (which is now the bottom)?

Allison said...

That is the weirdest trend I've ever heard of....

I like how the Christmas tree historian mentioned how the trees were originally meant to point to heaven and do the people who have the upside-down version realize what they're symbolically pointing to?!

I have no idea what you'd do with the tree skirt, either. Staple it to the ceiling?

Chandra said...

I can't tell if your post is just funny, and I'm tired, or (as I suspect) it's a real scream and it's just even funnier because I'm tired.

I'm thinking that the perfect gift for you would be an upside-down tree box-thing (i.e. jewelry box) that contained jewelry, make-up and a cookbook. A fiber optic cookbook. Oh, and the entire thing would be a tree ornament itself, whose weight would render it completely useless. It would also have buttons on the side that could be pressed to give various sounds: cats puking, children whining and an the shouts of women fighting over merchandise at Day-After-Thanksgiving sales.

Or, I might just get you some anti-grav boots so that you can hang suspended from the ceiling like a bat. That would come in handy for stapling the tree skirt, too!

Don't apologize for your long posts. I like 'em.

Carol (Patricia's sister) said...

That is just ridiculous!!!!! An upside down Christmas tree...!!!! I mean, just because it worked with the pineapple cake, it doesn't give anyone the right to go overboard with this!!!! At least it gave me a fantastic idea:
"The upside down upside down Christmas tree"!!!!!
Now sold at most establishments near you! This Christmas season get in on the trend! This ingenious tree provides for the craziest ideas to make this holiday season fun for your family and friends: Be able to put gifts and a tree skirt on the floor and if you want to go wild, put a star on top!!!!!!! Be sure to get yours today!

PS Missed me?