Thursday, October 27, 2005

New house, no lease breaking fee, all is well

It is so hard to keep up, specially when there is exciting stuff going on.

We found a house, put an offer, went back and forth with the seller and closed on it all in 4 weeks *breathe*. We also found someone to take over our lease.. go craig's list. So we saved about $700 and just about doubled our monthly expenses.... and this is a good idea why?

Anyway, we love our house.. all minus the tiny garage suitable for small European cars only. It is a good thing I didn't get an SUV after all. We moved three days after we closed on it and the move took 2hr35min from the people arriving to help us move to unloading the last piece off the truck... Now we are unpacking.. except for work is hectic and now we NEED to make money (read.. if we want to still have the bank allow us to stay in their house) so really we have unpacked some but far from all. Our stuff probably doesn't cover 15% of the house.

Jamil fertilized the lawn last week in his attempt to do yard work.... I am guessing this will last exactly until he has to cut the grass twice. Bets are welcome. Home Depot will now be reported in our income tax forms as a dependent. we have already looked into direct deposit (yes sir, how do I sign up for direct deposit?... Direct who?... yeah the way I see it if you are going to get 30% of my income won't you at least take it before taxes?). We met a nice gentleman at our HD called Woody he knows pretty much everything there is to know about locks and more.... this is actually somewhat of a scary thought (remember that movie Cable Guy?).

So that is us, we doubled our expenses -$700 and went from renting a place to borrowing a house from the bank. You have to love this capitalist system where companies will buy the house you want for you and let you stay in it for some cash!! Excellent!!

In other news, there is a constant fire flame in our house in the attic. Which makes no sense being how the inside of the house is as close to cardboard as it gets... Wihch brings me to my next point: someone needs to read the 3 little pigs stories to all these house builders. Then people wonder why hurricanes do so much damage in the U.S.

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