Sunday, September 14, 2008

My husband, the lizard catcher, ROCKS!

Jamil had a recent experience at Church where during the altar call he jumped in the front of the room, to the awe of our pastor to catch an intrusive lizard.

Yeah, that was probably a bit goofy, but he was just trying to save us women toward the front of the Church from being eaten by this lizard.... By the way, this was no ordinary lizard, this was a salamander about a foot in length (tail included) color black with yellow. Either way, I didn't see very many other men ready to tackle the beast, including Pete who, while from the country, does not know a lizard from a salamander.

Well, Jamil cooks, cleans, takes care of the puppy, does the laundry and works to bring home our daily bread and goes out of his way to find my food from home in odd places. It is very nice to know that a couple of weeks ago when I went to PR, he stayed with the puppy and I knew was coming home to a clean-ish (Esperanza was in Colombia... more on her later) house and all the clothes we needed for our Vegas trip nicely laid out.

Unfortunately, he is off the market, although I do rent him out to special, qualified women over a certain age. Fortunately though, I married him while he was still in his desirable age because his great charms are hidden under loads of geeky Star Trek, 1 hour showers, behind 2 computer monitors and between two HUGE ears and a big nose so you wouldn't want him anyway :P


Sandi Hixson said...

hey! i think Jamil is adorable......and i can say that because i am a qualified, OLDER, albeit ANCIENT grandmotherly type person!!!......hee hee

Hollie said...

I missed this blog post until now! We are still laughing about that lizard at church! too funny