Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sunning like an Iguana

We just came back from Puerto Rico. We did a lot of sight seeing, family seeing, dog seeing and High School classmate seeing (the men are a lot fatter than the women and I am not the only one carrying a suitcase around under her skin--whew!). One highlight being "la casa de los pastelillos" which gets added henceforth as one of my favorite spots on the island. We also hit Lago Dos Bocas where we spent 15 minutes after a 2 hour drive because the restaurants only open on the weekends. And of course, we spent a nice afternoon at the beach in Isla Verde's El Alambique on a beautiful almost cloudy day allowing for refreshment without melting away. My baby sister has now seen a semi-naked European/Canadian/American male tourist at the beach--click on the link at your own risk (his was white).

Mr. Mambo came with us and he played lots with Kiwie (my baby sister's dog). This turned my parents house into dog central and a number of other dogs (exactly 1) came to visit and play. Mambo had a blast.

On the way back we got stuck in Orlando (thanks airtran--NOT) and all thoughout Mambo was a trooper. We didn't even give him meds.

He has been sleeping ever since we got back.

The Christmas Tree survived the preparation for our trip and so it is Christmas in July at our house (picture from today complete with suitcases in the background so you believe me). I am starting to think Jamil feels the piano will be lonely if we remove the tree.

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Sandi Hixson said...

i was looking for you i know where you were!.....
i also was curious about the tree......i have my answer clever......Christmas in July........i think you need to spray the whole thing with varnish and voila.........your tree will be ready for THIS Christmas.......don't use lights tho!....eeek