Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gallegos... More than meets the eye


I just read this news article. A woman in Galicia (people in Galicia are called Gallegos) gives birth to a girl with the help of her 6 year old son. She had pain the night before and dismissing the whole super large pregnancy bit, she rolled over and continued sleeping because she figured it was just pain from moving furniture the day before. Apparently, she also didn't tell her husband before he went to work. She went to the restroom, her water broke and her new daughter dangled from her far enough that she had to hold her and ask her son to help. In the end, she called for some help and followed instructions on how to handle the umbilical cord. The Emergency folks arrived toward the end of the whole thing.

In latin/hispanic culture, they make fun of gallegos. They make them out to be not the cleverest of people and end up being the butt of jokes. I don't really find those jokes funny because I am so far removed from the culture that surrounds the "funniness" of the jokes. I do have to wonder about a couple of things:
1. Moving furniture while pregnant... hmmmm
2. Not telling husband of strange abdominal pains while very pregnant... hmmmm
3. Delivering a baby with 6 year old, while 6 year old finds it normal and easy... hmmmm

Maybe I ought to read more about how these jokes started... Oh, and all of you who read the story and find it cool or sweet are simply sick! At 27, I do not want to deliver my mother's baby (especially by pulling down while reaching) any more than I did at 14 when my mom did have a baby.

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