Thursday, November 09, 2006

Having a cold makes me icky...

...but Tylenol Cold non-drowsy makes me happy, really really happy!! I have more energy than when I am healthy if only my head didn't feel like I was underwater. Thanks to my wonderful husband though, I am ready to go to war with this fall weather illness. I got my Zicam, Tylenol Cold, Chicken soup (tastes really really bland with the decreased tasting ability caused by Zicam), onion-honey-lemon home Spanish remedy and warm jackets and blankets.

If you see me outside don't talk to me though, because my grandma always says it is not good to talk outside in the "sereno".

I am interested in knowing what the few readers of this blog use as cold first-aid other than the lame American stay at home solution...


Chandra said...

OH NO YOU DIDN'T just call American's lazy!

Oh, wait. It's true.

Yeah, I'm staying home from work today... never mind that this is where my office is. Other remedies? When I was congested as a kid, my mom would put a pan of hot water on the floor, dangle me over her knee to breathe in the steam and thump/pat my back to loosen the phlegm. Good times.

Wow, it sounds like child abuse, but it wasn't. It actually helped a lot, and the steam felt good. The things I coughed up, though...

Gatorade (drink lots of liquids!) was always a big part of the experience, too. And we did the honey-lemon thing... but ONIONS?


Feel better soon, my cold-remedy junkie friend!

Chandra said...


It's a sign of my head cold that I put an apostrophe s in Americans!

That would definitely be one of my pet peeves. That, and random quotation marks for emphasis.

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