Tuesday, August 30, 2005

it's tough to keep up

It is really tough to post regularly.

I love my job. Jamil changed jobs. We now carpool. We are looking for a house. We think we found THE HOUSE last night. It felt right and the price tag was right too.

The hammock is now hung back home in PR, it was tested with two 200lb men and it survived. I hear the dog likes it a bit. I got to watch the test over webcam.

Crime is still on the rise.

Jamil's family is moving to Atlanta.

My sister came for a week and we had lots of fun.

We celebrated our 1 yr anniversary in Savannah at a place called Forsyth Mansion...hypelink to come later.

All is good in our neck of the woods, although things at Church are a little weird and stressful.

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